Joining NARPOK has tremendous benefits for its members. Here is an overview.

Benefits Overview:


Members get an opportunity to meet with colleagues they worked with in the service that they would otherwise not be able to. This is because the association is country wide and we are present in all social platforms. Again there are no ranks, all members are equal.

Membership Identity Card

Members get issued with a Unique Identity Card that helps them identifying themselves as having served in the service and retired honourably. This is a great benefit especially when identifying oneself to the authorities.

Work Opportunities

When collecting data of our members, we highly recommend that they send in their C.V, this has enabled us to develop a wide and comprehensive database thereby making it easy to link members with opportunities unique to their skill-set.

Narpok Business Network (NBN)

Having senior citizen membership in this association provides us with a unique opportunity to link members in order to create a business environment and a ready market.


Since NARPOK runs in counties as chapters, they have autonomy to create welfare programs for their members, whether its a kitty to support families in sickness and bereavement or cook-outs and family events or even "Chamas" and table banking.

Insurance Cover

Medical Insurance is essential to everyone but to the seniors it is critical that is why we are working with industry players to craft a policy that will favourable and affordable to our members since we are able to bargain due to our large numbers.

Death Benefit /  Obituaries

When we loose one of our members we make sure a condolence letter is written to the family  which is read by a representative of the National office during the Funeral service and the chapter concerned raises some funds to console the family. We do also offer our platforms as communication media for Obituaries.


We are able to be a voice for our members in matters pertaining to their pension or other legal matters, we hope to expand the legal office in order to further assist our members.

About the Association

National Association of Retired Police Officers Kenya

Uniting all officers of the National Police Service who retired honourably.

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